10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Lolita

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1. Lolita is a Southern Resident Killer Whale captured on Aug. 8, 1970 in Penn Cove, WA.
2. Lolita is an L Pod orca, one of three clans that make up the Southern Residents.
3. Lolita has been housed at the Miami Seaquarium in Florida for 47 years.
4. Lolita has not seen another orca in 34 years.
5. Lolita's presumed mother is Ocean Sun (L25). In her 80s, she still swims free.
6. Lolita's family was awarded Endangered Species Act protection in 2005. Lolita was not.
7. Lolita has been in the same tank for 44 years.
8. Officials partly blame the orca captures for the Southern Resident whales' decline.
9. Experts believe that Lolita still remembers her family.
10. The Lolita Retirement Plan would return her home, to the Pacific NW.



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